Olive Oil

Cleo is proud to announce the arrival of our beautiful, harvested by hand, Olive Oil. This liquid gold is produced two miles outside of the Bethlehem city. Almost exclusively consumed locally, we found a way to bring it to Nashville. Produced on a family owned and operated olive grove in a town called Beit Jala. Beit Jala is known for the best olive oil in the region, a local favorite and in high demand. 


Our olive oil is: 

 • Vegan  • Gluten Free  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

 •  Rich in healthy monounsaturated fats • High in antioxidants

• Produced in: Beit Jala, on a private family owned farm

• Single sourced process with complete traceability from tree to bottle

• The decreased rainfall produces a denser olive oil with higher nutritional properties
• Olives are harvested by hand using traditional methods.

• Olives for extra virgin oil are typically harvested between September and October.

• This batch was from the 2020 harvest.
• Olives are pressed immediately after harvest.



Let's Reuse! Return your bottle and we can refill it for you! We will happily give 15% to refill your bottle. 

If you do not plan to refill your bottle, please recycle.